Bob Cianfrone

Destiny Esposito

Carlos Mendez

“Dear person considering hiring Arturo Monroy, you are about to embark in a road of happiness. This is why. Arturo is incredibly talented. He’s not only a great writer but also has a great sense of art direction as well. His work ethic is awesome. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. He’s great with clients. I wouldn’t think twice about putting him in a room with new business prospects or existing clients. He presents work incredibly well. He’s earned the admiration of everyone here at goodness Mfg. I trust him completely. He has a heart of gold. And if you are lucky enough to hire him, I’m sure you’ll feel the same.” Bob Cianfrone Executive Creative Director Goodness Mfg.
“In 2012 we had the opportunity to work on a multicultural project for Disney Studios that needed a Hispanic expert. We were not looking for a translator but a creative consultant able to adapt our strategy into relevant messages for the Hispanic consumers. Arturo Monroy was recommended to us and the chemistry was immediate. Arturo proved to be the right fit for the project and a team player who helped us meet our tight deadline on time. He is a passionate creative writer capable of working extended hours under high pressure with very little supervision and with particular enthusiasm. He has a great understanding of the production process. He knows how to listen and has very solid presentation skills. I am confident he will be a very valuable asset for your company if you decide to hire him for your next project.” Destiny Esposito
Creative Director Trailer Park
“I was direct supervisor to Mr. Arturo Monroy for over three years at Davis Ellen/Castells & Associates. During his tenure, Arturo proved time and time again to be a very talented, responsible and extremely reliable team player within the agency. Many times his abilities seemed to know no limits. He has the knowledge and ability to tackle multidisciplinary creative requests with great confidence and effectiveness and still finds the time to lend a helping hand to anyone when the need arises. Arturo knows filmmaking, television production, acting, music, lyrics, and to my estimation, he is one of the best-experienced voice actors in the business. Go on, hire Arturo for your next project, he'll bring so many creative and production valuable resources to your team or company.” Carlos Méndez
Executive Creative Director Genética Advertising