Time Warner Cable


El Pollo Loco


AGENCY: Castells and Asociados CLIENT: Time Warner Cable THE CHALLENGE: Positioning TWC as the leader provider of integrated Cable, Internet and Phone among Hispanics in Southern California. THE STRATEGY: Dramatize the empowerment of the consumer by acquiring the three products with a single provider making their home the center of communication and entertainment. RESULTS: We broke record of new acquisitions in Southern California. One year later we won the national account.
AGENCY: Campbell Ewald / Accent Marketing CLIENT: Chevrolet THE CHALLENGE: Chevy Silverado and Chevy Suburban were consider working vehicles. The goal was opening new markets. THE STRATEGY: Repositioning Silverado as an urban vehicle among males with aspirations of adventure and competition and Suburban as the ideal vehicle for “soccer moms”. RESULTS: Increase in sales on both vehicles. That year Chevy Silverado sold more units than its direct competitor the Dodge Ram.
AGENCY: GoodnessMfg / BSSP CLIENT: El Pollo Loco THE CHALLENGE: Repositioning El Pollo Loco as a healthier alternative to traditional processed fast food. THE STRATEGY: El Pollo Loco will go to crazy lengths in order to serve flavorful made by hand. We launch the campaign erecting the biggest bow-drill ever made, propelled by the hand force of El Pollo Loco's employees themselves." RESULTS: Significant increase in sales and unprecedented brand awareness in both General and Hispanic markets.
AGENCY: Castells & Asociados CLIENT: Adelphia Cable THE CHALLENGE: Generate preference among Hispanics for Adelphia in an overcrowded direct response domain. THE STRATEGY: By evocation of nostalgia for old Mexican movies, we created what seemed to be vintage movie posters. The copy however was not titles and movie credits but offers and inviting deals. RESULTS: We broke records of new acquisitions. Plus, we won several awards for design, creativity and marketing.